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Dairy Hart, Danville, VA

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

* Onion Original

812 Riverside Drive Danville, VA 24540

(434) 792-1923

A lot of Southern towns have a place like this. It is a place that all the locals know about. You can get great food at a good price. The Dairy Hart is were the teenagers and their friends come after a high school football game. Parents bring their kids here after a soccer game. It is a great first date spot, because she can’t order lobster "out of season" here. And a hotdog and milkshake will not break the bank. It’s also the best place in Danville to satisfy that hotdog or milkshake craving. I had two hotdogs with mustard, onions, and chili. And I can’t visit a Dairy Hart or any other place that starts its name with dairy without trying their milkshakes. The dogs and the milkshake were both very good. Another reason to stop here is that it does help out the local economy, and most of the employees working here are local high school kids.

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