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Pal's Sudden Service, Kingsport, Tennessee

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

327 Revere St, Kingsport, TN 37660 (423) 246-9761

Pal Barger opened his first Pal’s Sudden Service in 1956 in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee. Of all 27 locations throughout the Tri-City area, Tennessee and SW Virginia, this is the jewel in the crown. I got two very good hotdogs (onions, mustard and chili), a great side of fries and a swell vanilla shake. Fairly stuffed and almost ready to hit-the-road a lady from Thomasville, Georgia (who is a big fan of Pal’s) asked me if I had tried a Pal’s sauce-burger yet, replying no, she said you can’t leave Pal’s without trying one. So, she pulled an extra out of her sack and gave it to me to try. It was excellent! I tried to give her a dollar for the burger, but she would not accept it (probably because it cost more than a dollar), but her spirit was true southern hospitality at its best. Thank You! I won’t forget this very generous act, but I did forget to make a note of the woman’s name. E-mail me @ www.choppedonion.com@cox.net so I can reward you with the credit you so deserve. Again, Thanks and enjoy the original Pal’s Sudden Service.

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