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Shake Shack, Washington, D.C. (Dupont Circle)

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

1216 18th Street NW (southwest corner of Connecticut)

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 683-9922

Dupont Circle Station / Farragut North

Sunday-Thursday 11:00am-11:00pm

Friday-Saturday 11:00am-midnight

The Dupont Circle Shake Shack fits right in with D.C.'s green, eco-friendly crowd. The Shake Shack building is constructed from as much sustainable material as possible. The interior walls are made from re-claimed barn-wood siding and the tabletops are re-claimed bowling alley lanes, kitchen waste is all composted, the grease is recycled into Bio-Diesel and they buy 100% of their electricity through sustainable wind power in the form of renewable energy certificates. Young, hip and trendy they are, But 100% vegan they are not. Only a shroom-burger and garden dog make it on to the menu. The excellent burgers, served on potato buns, are made from a special blend of premium 100% Angus beef that is ground fresh daily. The Angus beef is hormone and antibiotic free. The hand-formed burgers are cooked to medium and served plain. Burger toppings include pickles, lettuce, cheese, plum tomatoes (Lucky's Real Tomatoes), onions and Shack Sauce. Mustard and ketchup are in serve-your-self pump vat dispensers. I had a Shack burger, minus the lettuce and tomato, with fries and a vanilla shake. The Shack burger was excellent. My fries and vanilla shake were both good. I also sampled an excellent Vienna beef dog topped with onions, mustard, pickles and relish. The buns are grilled and the dogs are split and grilled. Order and pay first. They will give you one of those flashing (green ironically) and vibrating things so, when your order is ready, you will know. I will be back again for another excellent burger and for one of their Concretes that I did not get to try this time around. Bring plenty of change for the parking meters or you can pay by credit card with your cell phone.

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