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Beavertails, Ottawa, Ontario

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

69 George Street Ottawa, ON K1N 1K1 (613) 241-1230

Ce qui est une queue de castor? (What is a beavertail?) Well, aside from the obvious, in Canada it's a traditional whole-wheat pastry that is stretched out to resemble the tail of a beaver (one of Canada's national symbols). It is float-cooked in high quality canola or soy oil and is served hot topped with butter and your choice of toppings. In the lower 48, its American cousin would be the elephant ear. My Classic Beavertail (cinnamon and sugar topped) was simply outstanding! The first permanent Beavertails shop opened in Ottawa's Byward Market in 1980. The Beavertails chain now has 88 locations across Canada with two stores in Colorado (Breckenridge and Keystone Ski Resort) and two stores in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah). Beavertails uses 21.1 tons of chocolate hazelnut spread per year (equivalent to the weight of 5 elephants and 12 beavers). Enjoy this national Canadian treat!

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