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Cozy Inn, Salina, Kansas

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

108 North 7th Street Salina, Kansas 67401 (785) 825-2699 Open seven days a week

The Cozy Inn is one of America’s first fast food hamburger restaurants. It has been in Salina, Kansas since 1922. Inside the small white building, you will find a small counter with 6 original to the building swivel stools. The Cozy Inn makes small sized burgers. They are similar in size to White Castle and Krystal burgers, but they are similar in size only. You can see and smell a Cozy burger being cooked right in front of you. All Cozy Inn burgers are cooked with onions. My three burgers were topped with mustard, pickles and ketchup. The Cozy Inn only sells hamburgers, no cheeseburgers. Because of their  small size, most people buy a sack of burgers to go. My three burgers were excellent! This was my second visit to the Cozy Inn. The burgers were excellent the first time too. Enjoy!

Note: The burger and onion smell can be powerful and it can leave an odor in your car that may linger.

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