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Ford's Drive-In, Great Falls, Montana

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

1301 Central Ave W Great Falls, MT 59404(406) 452-7972    

This drive-in's round, retro design, with its tower perched proudly in the center of the roof simply reading Ford's, immediately sets itself apart from any chain competitor in the city. Ford's also has drive-in @ each slot under the tramway, in addition to their carhops. Right away I knew this place was special, not only for its bold architectural style, but also as I would find out, for its food. I ordered their cheese-burger deluxe topped with a fried egg and a vanilla shake with some gems (tater tots). The normal deluxe does not have egg. Ford's uses only lean ground beef that is ground fresh daily and is never frozen because the freezing of meat breaks down the cells thereby draining it of the blood and juices that give it its flavor. My deluxe was beyond outstanding. My vanilla shake was excellent and my gems were a nice change from French fries. About five times a week Ford's will sell their cheeseburger deluxe topped with peanut butter. The cheeseburger deluxe and chocolate shake are Ford's top sellers. Ford's is open year round, even if it snows. Cash is king here. Enjoy!

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