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Griff's Hamburgers, Ruston, Louisiana

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

815 W California Ave

Ruston, LA 71270

(318) 255-2068

With the closing of the Sedalia, Missouri location in 2011, and with all eight of Griff's Texas locations scheduled to be "modernized" or torn down and rebuilt with clean new modern architectural lines in the near future, finding an original 1960's era Griff's is now harder than ever. The Irving, Texas Griff's did manage to save their original sign but the building did not escape modernization. Luckily, one of Griff's original 1960's era designed buildings (the only location addorned with the Griff's shield) and sign still survives in Ruston, Louisiana. Located within walking distance of Louisiana Tech, the constant inflow of new students into the town each year has also played a significant role in keeping this Griff's from long ago going the way of the Dodo (bird). Griff's Ruston location also plays an important role in helping many a bulldog reach their freshman 15. My cheeseburger (mustard, ketchup, onions, tomato, pickle and lettuce) was delicious. Enjoy!

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