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Leon's Drive-In, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

3131 S 27th St Milwaukee, WI 53215 (414) 383-1784  

Brussels has sprouts, Denver has omelets, Key West has key lime pie and Milwaukee has frozen custard. What's the difference between frozen custard and ice cream? Frozen custard, like ice cream, is made by a process called overrun. Overrun is basically whipping or blending the ice cream or frozen custard mix with air to increase its volume. Frozen custard has a low overrun @ about 20-25%. Ice cream's overrun can be as high as 100%. More overrun equals less flavor. It's like adding water to soup, the more you add, the thinner it gets. Frozen custard's low overrun combined with a higher butterfat content and egg yolks gives it a thicker, creamier, smoother, richer and deeper taste. Unlike ice cream, frozen custard is made and served fresh and it's not flash-frozen or stored @ sub-zero temps. Leon's custard machines are specially made to make only frozen custard, and it's made daily with fresh cream and eggs from America's dairy-land. Leon's opened on May 1st 1942, the second oldest frozen custard shop in Milwaukee. Leon's frozen custard flavors include chocolate, mint, cinnamon, butter pecan, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry and maple nut, with vanilla & butter pecan the most popular flavors. Leon's serves double dips, triple dips, super dips (4) and jumbo dips (5). I had a double dip of vanilla in a cup, because it melts. It was full of rich vanilla flavor with an incredibly thick, velvety soft, smooth and creamy texture to it. It was really an amazing treat. Leon's also sells their frozen custard in take-home sizes; pint, quart, half-gallon and gallon size. Enjoy!

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