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Mr. Bartley's, Cambridge, Massachusettes

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I imagined America's most liberal city (Cambridge) having: not quite as many bike riders as a Chinese city (but close), electric vehicle charging stations much like an old western town would have places to tie up their horses, a sea of silver rush hour Prius sporting whirled peas, coexist and I can't hug you with nuclear arms bumper stickers, vegan restaurants with pricey locally sourced organic foods, a huge Apple Store and professional protestors lined up at the local Kinkos for the ½ off poster board sale. (In reality very little of this was the case) But what I did not expect to find was a vintage burger place that was not only thriving but was also a Harvard student and professor favorite. Mr. Bartley's (since 1960) is a Harvard & Boston landmark and it sits across from Harvard Yard. Their burgers are 7oz. choice beef that's freshly ground daily and is cooked to order. Don't let the long line deter you, it's well worth the wait and it moves fairly quickly. They squeeze you in where they can so you may have to sit communally or beside someone you don't know. I had an excellent Cambridge burger (medium) topped with slaw and Russian dressing with a superb fresh-squeezed lemonade. Cash is king here and they don't take credit cards. Enjoy this great town!

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