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Purity Ice Cream Company, Ithaca, New York

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

700 Cascadilla St Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 272-1545

Since 1936 Purity has been the "Ice cream of the Finger Lakes". Purity makes their ice cream with local high quality natural ingredients. Purity uses milk and heavy cream from the family owned and managed Byrne Dairy in Syracuse to make their ice cream. Wilbur's chocolate is used in all of Purity's chocolate ice creams. Wilbur's calabo chocolate chunks are used in the bittersweet, mint chip and mocha chip ice creams. The other chocolate ice cream creations contain Wilbur's 22% cocoa powder. Wilbur's 22% cocoa powder gives the chocolate an intense flavor mellowed by a higher cocoa butter level. Purity also uses Gimme Coffee to make their Gimme mocha fudge, mocha chip, Sleepers awake and the all nighter ice creams. Purity ice creams have a butterfat content around 13%. This 1951 Ithaca store is Purity's only stand alone location. This Purity also makes fresh muffins and Johnny Applestix, which are hot Applestix tossed in cinnamon and sugar served with a dipping sauce. The ginger and root-beer floats are made with local Ithaca brands. They also offer Boston's, Hurricanes and Monsters. A Boston is a milkshake with a sundae on top. A Hurricane is a thick shake with your choice of candy infusion and a Monster is a 44oz. milkshake. I didn't get the monster, but I did enjoy an amazing vanilla shake. Enjoy some excellent Purity ice cream in the town where the ice cream sundae was invented, Ithaca, New York. Note: On weekends the local police force usually sets up a speed trap across from this Purity store.

Almond Joyous - Coconut ice cream with fudge swirl and almonds Banana - Vanilla ice cream packed with real banana Black Cherry - Black cherry ice cream with black cherries Black Raspberry - One of Purity's classic flavors Bittersweet - Vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings Boomberry - Black raspberry ice cream with black cherries, blueberries, & strawberries Bulldog Crunch- Praline flavored ice cream with caramel swirl and chocolate covered pecan candies. Butter Pecan - Vanilla ice cream with roasted pecans Chocolate - The creamiest chocolate around!!! Chocolate Almond - Chocolate ice cream with chopped almonds. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- packed with cookie dough and chocolate chunks. Chocolate Debris- Chocolate ice cream with big chunks of chocolate and fudge brownie pieces Chocolate Peanut Butter - Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirl and Gertrude Hawk chocolate truffles. Cinnamon - cinnamon all whirled in with our delicious vanilla ice cream Coconut - Coconut ice cream with flakes of coconut. Coffee - The kick you have been looking for! Cookies & Cream - Vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies. New Flavor 2008 Rocky Road - chocolate ice cream, marshmallow Swirl, chocolate chunks and roasted almonds Finger Lakes Tourist - Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and hazelnuts French Vanilla - Simply the BEST! Gimme Mocha Fudge - Chocolate ice cream with Gimme espresso and fudge Swirl Goose Trax - Vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and chunks of peanut butter cups Granny Caramel Apple* - Cinnamon ice cream with a Caramel swirl and a cinnamon cake crunch topping Green Tea - Green tea powder blended with vanilla ice cream. Maple Nut - Maple ice cream loaded with walnuts Mint Chocolate Chip - Mint ice cream with shavings of chocolate. Mocha Chip- Coffee ice cream with shavings of chocolate. Peppermint*- Mint ice cream with red & green peppermint candies. Pumpkin Praline*- Pumpkin praline ice cream with ginger snap cookies Sleepers Awake - Coffee ice cream with chocolate swirl and chocolate chunks Strawberry - Strawberry ice cream with puree and tons of strawberries. Vanilla - Premium, all natural vanilla *Seasonal Flavor

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