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Scottish Highlands & Pitlochry, Scotland (Ice Cream)

Updated: Mar 27

At 8

:00 am Edinburgh is still dark. The Royal Mile is quiet, shops are closed and the crowds of tourist are for now, gone. I am up because the tourbus for the Scottish Highlands leaves @ 8:00 am (it's an all day trip). On the tour I saw lush green hills dotted with white sheep (sheep are everywhere and it's an amazing site), towering treeless mountains with rain-fed waterfalls cascading down, cold flowing rivers swollen to their banks and ancient castles overlooking their loche's, still standing quard over their realms. At Fort Augustus, I saw Loche Ness for the first time (alas no Nessie) but, found (locally made) an outstandingly rich and creamy Black Isle vanilla ice cream at the nearby Caledonian Canal Centre. We also drove on the same path that James Bond's (Daniel Craig) Aston Martin DB5 did in Skyfall (really cool). Everywhere you look the scenery is just amazing and the tour was worth every shilling. An added bonus on the drive back to Edinbugh was stopping in Pitlochry, where I discovered the Scotch Corner and wonderfully smooth and creamy S. Luca stawberry ice cream made with Scottish double cream and whole milk. Enjoy Scotland! 

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