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Terry's Turf Club, Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

4618 Eastern Ave Cincinnati, OH 45226 (513) 533-4222

I'm a huge fan of vintage neon signs, so on my last visit to Cincinnati, my first stop was the American Sign Museum After a few hours and a full 2 GB SD card later the owner of the museum said that since I enjoyed the museum so much I would really like his friend's restaurant. So, after a quick call to let him know we ( were coming, off we went. Terry's Turf Club is a full bar and restaurant that is known for their great burgers and the place is also packed with vintage neon signs inside and out. Their chuck burgers are made to order, the burgers are fresh, never frozen and the buttered and toasted buns are made @ a local bakery. The burgers are big, so you will probably need the knife they provide to cut it down to a more manageable size. Big, juicy and very messy, my burger (cooked to medium) with two slices of American, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard and ketchup was superb. Their burgers are the most popular item on the menu and the cosmopolitans are the favorite at the bar and you can drink in-line outside of Terry's. Terry's gets packed quickly around lunchtime so the earlier you get there the better. Enjoy!

*We are changing our hours beginning next week. We will be closed on Mon & Tues but will be open for lunch Wed - Sun beginning May 8. We are currently open for lunch on Th - Sun this week. Thanks and see you soon.

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