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Whataburger, Clanton, Alabama

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

2280 7th Street S,

Clanton, AL 35045

Open 24 hours

Another great "Southern" family owned and operated company, that is proud to be American, is Whataburger. This pioneer burger eatery was the first to use the five inch bun with it's burgers (an industry standard now). It opened its first store in Corpus, Christi, Texas in 1950. Although they may not do this in every Whataburger, my first visit to a W-burger opened with the staff saying "Welcome to Whataburger" a real greeting and not a pre-recorded one you hear at the yellow arch place in my area (that greeting does not match anyone who works there). The original Whataburger is in some capacity the "Burger" of Texas. Whatever its title, its a well deserved one. My made-to-order bacon & cheese Whataburger with t,o,l,m,k and pickles was great! And the fries are equally so. Enjoy!

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