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Black's BBQ, Lockhart, Texas

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

215 N Main St Lockhart, TX 78644-2121 512-668-4091  

33 miles south of Austin, Lockhart is the BBQ capitol of Texas and bbq in Texas isn't pulled pork but beef brisket. Black's BBQ (Since 1932) is the oldest same-family owned and operated restaurant in Texas. I am by no means a brisket expert in fact this is one of the few times that I've ever had beef brisket and the first time to try real Texas beef brisket. Call it beginner's luck, lucky we were in the area or  just lucky they were open on a Mother's Day Sunday. Whatever it was, everything happens for a reason and we happened upon a great place with live country music. Follow the line as you are corralled inside; choose your sides and desserts, then meats and then pay. Drinks and utensils are in the main dining room along with the white-bread slices. Find a seat and enjoy! Some places will deliver with a few great items from their menu, but it's rare that everything you get ends up being amazing and for me, Black's delivers on just that. Their beef brisket gets a simple rub and is then pit-cooked/smoked with post oak and on its own is superb and it's even better with some of their house Q sauce. My sweet tea, side of slaw, pinto beans and peach cobbler all rounded out a mighty fine meal. Enjoy Texas!

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