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King's Barbecue, Petersburg, Virginia

2910 S Crater Rd

Petersburg, VA 23805


To the south side of Petersburg on Crater & 301 is King's Barbecue.

This barbecue icon has been family owned and operated since 1946. King's

pit-smokes their whole pork shoulders over white oak. My sliced Q sand

was very good on it's own without any added sauce and their sweet-vinegar

slaw was simply outstanding! So, much so, that I used the slaw sauce

to dip my sand in instead of the house King's Q-sauce. And a very good

sweet-tea rounded it all out nicely. Just wonderful! Enjoy.

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Apr 10, 2022

As usual, your photos and reviews make my stomach start to growl. Looks great. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook put up one of those "posts from 10 years ago," and it was one I did about Chopped Onion. It got a whole bunch of NEW likes, and one comment that said the person always consulted Chopped Onion before they take a trip. Roll on, CO.

Philip Lambert
Philip Lambert
Apr 11, 2022
Replying to

Another true Chopper!

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