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Borden Ice Cream, Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

1103 Jefferson St Lafayette, LA 70501  (337) 235-9291

Lafayette, Louisiana, named for American Revolutionary War General Lafayette, is located smack-dab in the middle of Louisiana's Cajun & Creole neck of the Bayou. So, while you are here, go out and explore the regions Acadian history, culture and food. Then, when you have had your fill of steamed crawfish, Sac-au-lait, Tasso, Gator gar and your Monday red beans and rice pull up Borden's Ice Cream in the GPS and go. Circa 1940, This Borden's is more than just ice cream and milkshakes; it's an iconic American gem from a by-gone era that's literally the last of its kind. Just seeing a place like this makes me happier than a gator with a belly-full of green trout. Once inside this architectural gem continues to impress.  I had a great vanilla milkshake. Bon Appetite! 


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