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Burger Bar, Bristol, Virginia

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

8 Piedmont Ave

Bristol, VA 24201

(276) 466-6200

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According to the lore, Charles Carr, Hank Williams Sr.'s driver, parked in downtown Bristol around midnight on Jan 1st 1953. Carr needed food and a relief driver. Carr walked across the street to the Burger Bar to get something to eat. According to the myth, Carr asked Hank if he wanted something to eat, Hank said "no" and went back to sleep. That may have been the last thing Hank Williams would ever say. The workers @ the Burger Bar would not confirm or deny that Hank Williams did indeed have his last meal here but just for the local legend's sake I believe he did. The car was dropped off and the relief driver was paid somewhere between Bluefield and Princeton. It is believed that he passed away somewhere between Bristol and Princeton. So, if you find yourself in Bristol, Virginia stop by the Burger Bar (since 1942) and bite into some history. I had an excellent, but very messy, grass-fed cheeseburger, a Coke and a country music history lesson. Below I have posted some web-sites with more Hank History.

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