• Philip Lambert

Chris's Coffee & Custard, Roanoke, Virginia

1824 9th St SE Suite B

Roanoke, VA 24013

(540) 774-4848


Tuesday7:30AM–8:30PM Wednesday7:30AM–8:30PM




Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

Their signature coffee is a special blend of the sweet, full-bodied, rich, chocolate coca flavor of the Guatemalan Coffee Bean† with the rich/robust (with notes of citrus) tropical fruit and apricot flavors of the Costa Rican Coffee Bean†. Not being a coffee drinker, you guys will have to let me know how good it is because it sounds wonderful. Their gluten-free custard is made fresh every morning. They start with a frozen mix (Lloyd's Custard Pennsylvania), non-fat milk, sugar, Tahitian Vanilla and a higher egg yolk base which reduces the sugar needed. The batch has a 10% butterfat content. Their custom-made custard machines churn out rich, creamy and smooth vanilla and chocolate custards. They also make their own (in-house) waffle cones and bowls which you can have dipped in chocolate if you wish. A large array of toppings are also available to choose from. The treats may seem to take center stage here but it's the amazing staff that are the real stars of the place. Enjoy!


* https://lovableservices.org/ Check out this Link too see what Chris's is all about.

* https://www.wdbj7.com/2021/03/06/chriss-coffee-custard Check out this Link as well.

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