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Page's Dairy Mart, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4112 E Carson St,

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


You can find this Pittsburgh icon near an elevated rail bridge on East Carson Street

in the Southside Flats neighborhood. @ Page's Dairy Mart you can find all of your

favorites; classic soft-serve, waffle cones, Dairy-Free soft-serve, milkshakes, malts,

sundaes, Artic Swirls along with cheeseburgers, hotdogs, hoagies, nachos etc...

You can also park underneath the bridge by it's supports. Page's has been family

owned since it's founding in 1951. I sampled a very good vanilla shake along with

a towering soft-serve vanilla spiraled cone. Page's is open seasonally so check

before you go.

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1 comentário

29 de jan. de 2023

Great little bit of foodie architecture. Chopped Onion is able to find beautiful and cool places.

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