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Dairi-O, King, North Carolina

365 E Dalton Rd

King, NC 27021


Even though there are several Dairi-O locations in an around Winston-Salem,

King, North Carolina is Dairi-O's home (since 1947). Although the Original

1947 Dairi-O location is gone, The new building is quite something. It's

close to downtown King, has plenty of parking (on weekends it can

be quite busy) and it's got a drive-thru. Inside, order burgers, hotdogs etc.

and pay at the front counter. The milkshakes and ice cream are available at

the counter to the back. I got the #1 Hotdog Combo with small fries (great fries)

and a sweet tea. Pepsi no Coke. You have unlimited refills at the open fountain.

My two grilled dogs (toasted buns) were topped with everything; mustard,

onions, chili and sweet slaw. The dogs were Outstanding! Rounding out

things, I had 2 scoops of very fine Georgia Peach ice cream (Gifford's Ice Cream)

for the road.

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1 Comment

Oct 30, 2022

Wow, beautiful building! You can't beat a good slaw dog. Thanks for the reporting!

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