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Dairy Dell, South Boston, VA

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

1041 Bill Tuck Hwy South Boston, VA 24592 (434) 572-8245

Just off Virginia Route 58 in the city of South Boston is the Dairy Dell. If you are headed towards Lake Gaston, Virginia Beach or Cape Hatteras the Dairy Dell is an excellent place to stop and break up that long drive. One great reason to stop, especially in the summer, is for their milkshakes. Mine had an excellent vanilla taste and it was blended with real milk. I also had two of their hotdogs topped with slaw, mustard, onions and chili. The slaw was made of white, green and purple cabbage. The slaw was not sweet; I prefer it a bit more to the sweet side, but it was still very good. The nuclear red dogs, Jesse Jones brand, were boiled and the buns were steamed. The dogs with all their toppings were very messy, but they were very good. The Dell is a small southern town local’s place. They have high school kids working the window and taking the orders. What could be more American than that!

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