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Dew Drop Inn - Mobile, AL

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

1808 Old Shell Rd

Mobile, AL 36607

(251) 473-7872

Do you like orange Formica and hotdogs? If you do, the Dew Drop Inn is the perfect place for you. 18 booths, 7 tables and they all have orange Formica tabletops. This Dew Drop Inn is the oldest restaurant in Mobile. This is the third Dew Drop Inn location and it’s been run since 1924. The Dew Drop is famous for their hotdogs, but they also serve cheeseburgers, Gumbo, Po Boys, grilled cheese, chili, onion rings, steak fries, oysters, shrimp & crabmeat. The dogs are boiled, the buns are toasted. They do not put onions on their dogs. Their nuclear-red dogs are topped with one pickle, chili, mustard, ketchup and kraut. My two dogs were very good. Most hot dog places don’t serve beer, but this one does. Enjoy!

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