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Dumser's Dairyland, Ocean City, Maryland

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

601 S Atlantic Ave Ocean City (410) 289-0934

Growing up in Roanoke, Virginia in the 70's meant summer vacations in Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach I remember had lots of small mom and pop places to stay like the Sail Inn, The Windjammer (a family favorite when it was only two stories high) and Dunes Village (back when sea water came out of the faucets and long before it became a resort). Today, Myrtle Beach is over-run with condos and luxury high-rises with only a few of the old places left. Myrtle's original charm is pretty much gone and don't get me started on the traffic (in or off season). Ocean City, Maryland however, is more what old Myrtle Beach used to be like. And like Painters Ice cream in North Myrtle, The O.C. has its match with Dumser's Dairyland (Since 1939). Take Route 50 into Ocean City and you will see the city "arch" near the beach, to the right of the "arch" near the end of the boardwalk on your left is the original Dumser's location (there are two other locations in O.C.). Dumser's is where the Ocean City locals beat the heat and I cooled off with a very good Dumser's vanilla shake. Enjoy the beach and the boardwalk!

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