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Galax Smokehouse, Galax, VA

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

101 N Main St Galax, VA 24333 (276) 236-1000

11am-9pm Mon-Sat 11am-3pm Sun

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The Galax Smokehouse sits on a corner in the historic district of the city of Galax Virginia. Inside, at the front, they have a long stainless steel counter with a glass wall behind it. The original soda fountain fixtures are still in place behind the counter. Along with twelve swivel stools covered in black vinyl and the floors are Terrazzo. These are remains of the old Bolen Drug Store that was once here. The walls are decorated with old photos of the City of Galax and of the surrounding Grayson County. I ordered the sweet tea with a pulled pork barbecue platter. My sides were baked beans and coleslaw. They were part of the platter. The platter also comes with hushpuppies. They also give you a choice of sauces. In the red bottle, you have the Texas House sauce. It is tomato based and is black pepper spicy hot. In the Yellow bottle, you have the Tennessee Sweet sauce. It is tomato based and is brown sugar sweet. And in the clear bottle, you have the vinegar-based sauce. It is sweet and tangy. I sampled all three and they were all excellent. My platter came on a paper plate with plastic utensils. My Q was tender and juicy and was excellent! My baked beans had a nice rich sweet taste and they too were excellent! My coleslaw was green and white with carrots, purple cabbage and pepper in a light sauce. It was also excellent! My sweet tea was very good, as were the hushpuppies. And, you can’t end your meal without trying the banana pudding. If you can guess the three flavors in the pudding they will give it to you for free. It’s not easy! My banana pudding was very good, but I could not guess the three mystery flavors, maybe you can. The three mystery flavors are beyond the normal banana pudding ingredients. Good Luck! & Happy Eating!

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