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Griffith & Feil Soda Fountain, Kenova, WV

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

1405 Chestnut St Kenova, WV 25530 (304) 453-2381

In the westernmost town in the state you will find the Griffith & Feil Pharmacy. R. Ney Williams, a Blacksburg, Virginia pharmacist, started the pharmacy in 1892. As a highly respected pharmacist, Mr. Williams was given West Virginia pharmacy license #1. After having moved several times since 1892, Williams, in 1914, constructed the pharmacy building you see today. In the 1930 s, Dick Griffith, having just graduated from pharmacy school @ the University of Cincinnati, joined Mr. Williams with Glen Feil joining the two soon after that. When Williams died, Griffith & Feil took over the ownership of the pharmacy. In 1959, Dick Griffith removed the soda fountain because it never made any money. Rick Griffith, Dick's son, continues the family tradition today as Griffith & Feil's pharmacist and owner. It has always been Rick's plan and dream to bring the soda fountain back to the pharmacy. Today, because of Rick's drive and determination, the soda fountain is a reality. The fountain and all of its fixtures are 1929 originals. The back bar, tile, mirrors and marble counter are all from the original 1892 store. The tables, chairs, benches and stools are all period originals. The wood back bar with the eagle is from a pharmacy/soda fountain in Winchester, Virginia, circa 1770 s, and the brilliant tin ceiling has also been refurbished. Ironically, the soda fountain @ Griffith & Feil is what now draws in the folks. I had two outstanding hotdogs with mustard, onions, sweet slaw and The G & F special sauce. You won't find any nuclear red dogs here. The dogs and the buns are both steamed, but they will grill the dogs if you ask. I also had an equally outstanding vanilla milkshake. Griffith & Feil uses Blue Bunny ice cream for all of their milkshakes. Check out the restrooms to see the pull chain toilets with the water tanks @ the ceiling. Enjoy!

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