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Horne's, Port Royal, Virginia

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

25532 A P Hill Blvd (Route 17) Port Royal, VA 22535 (804) 742-5743


Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, Including Holidays

Horne’s is located on the corner of the intersection were routes 301 and 17 cross. 301 goes the back way from the Maryland side to D.C. It also goes to Annapolis Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. 17 South goes to Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the Hampton Roads area. 17 North goes to Fredericksburg Virginia and to I-95. No matter what direction you are coming from Horne’s will be easy to spot. It is about 20 miles off I-95, but its well worth the detour. On my third visit to Horne’s, I tried their breakfast for the first time. I had scrambled eggs, sausage and pancakes. My breakfast was excellent! The milk was fresh and cold and in a glass. The eggs were cracked and freshly scrambled. The buttermilk pancakes were hot off the griddle and the sausages were freshly cooked, not cooked frozen. At Horne’s the breakfast menu is served 24 hours a day. Oh, they are also open 24 hours a day. Even though their breakfast is excellent and would be reason enough on its own to stop here, they do have more than just breakfast to tempt you. Horne’s is famous for their milkshakes. They have been serving milkshakes here for 46 years. Horne’s opened in 1960. The milkshakes are made with three scoops of Hershey’s ice cream (not related to the chocolate company). My milkshake was vanilla and it arrived in a cold stainless steel mixer cup. My milkshake was, eat with a spoon, thick and it had a rich, creamy, vanilla flavor. It was a true milkshake and an excellent one at that. Their hotdogs are also very good. The milkshakes and hotdogs were my main reason to stop here in the past. Now, I guess, I will have to eat breakfast first and get a couple of dogs and a shake to go. Maybe I should make that two shakes to go. Happy Eating!

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