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J.P. Licks, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

1312 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 492-1001

New Englander’s love their ice cream and for them it’s not just a summer treat, it’s a year round indulgence. J.P. Licks (1981) is a local ice cream company with 14 locations in and around Boston. J.P. Licks is known for their intense home-made ice cream flavors so I tried two scoops of their regular vanilla to see if they had put a new spin on my classic favorite. My two excellent scoops were superbly rich in vanilla flavor, but exactly what type of rich vanilla (Tahitian, Madagascar, Mexican) I don’t know. They could only tell me that their vanilla ice cream was made with vanilla extract, but not what type. Regardless of this, their ice cream is still super! Enjoy!

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