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Joey's Hot Dogs, Glen Allen, Virginia

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

4028 Cox Rd Glen Allen, VA 23060


(804) 651-4108

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During the Great Depression hot-dog stands survived because they provided a cheap and filling meal. Patrons ordered their dogs, and because ketchup was so readily available at the time for your dogs, they also began asking for a bowl of water. Add ketchup and salt to the water and instant tomato soup. This added to your meal without adding to your bill. As the trend and need grew with the depression the hot-dog stands began going through ketchup like crazy. So, eventually, the stands had to pull the ketchup from their counters to stop the practice. From this, the no ketchup on your hot-dog "rule" was born and it continues to this day. Joey's father started selling hot-dogs in 1939 and his son continues that tradition today. Joey's natural-casing dogs are grilled and the buns are steamed. I had two superb dogs topped with the standard "trinity" of chili, mustard and onions on a plate with a Coke. Enjoy!

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