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Johnnie's Drive-In, Tupelo, Mississippi

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

908 E Main St

Tupelo, MS 38804

Johnnie’s Drive-In (Since 1945), is Tupelo’s oldest restaurant. Johnnie’s Drive-In only serves Pepsi products, so naturally, I asked the owner why they did not serve Coca-Cola and he said he had a disagreement with the Coke people that ended his contract and that Pepsi offered a cheaper deal, so unfortunately, it’s Pepsi (I had lemonade). They have curb or car-hop service, so just find a spot and they will find you, or you can eat inside. After our car-hop read us the menu, I was curious as to what a dough-burger or Johnnie burger exactly was and she said that they added dough and other secret things to the meat to make it go further. I opted for the solidly good all-meat burger with pickles, onions and mustard. Elvis, yes that Elvis, if you did not know, was born in Tupelo (less than a mile from Johnnie’s) and he attended nearby Lawhorn Elementary. He  would often stop by Johnnie’s (his favorite drive-in restaurant) on his way home from school for one of his favorite meals, a cheeseburger and an RC Cola. Inside, you will find lots of Elvis memorabilia and a booth that Elvis may or may not have used. Enjoy Tupelo, The Elvis home-stead and Johnnie’s Drive-In. Oh, and Johnnie’s restrooms are outside.

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