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Kenney Burger, Lexington, Virginia

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635 Waddell Street, Lexington VA 24450 540-463-5730

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From the early 60's to about 1970 the Roanoke based Kenney Burger Drive-In's were king in the Southwest Virginia market with 50 thriving restaurants. When the "Golden Arches" arrived in the area in the early to middle 70's Kenney Burger's market share began to rapidly decrease. By about 1980 the Kenney Burger era was over. This, the Lexington location, now independently owned is the only original Kenney Burger left. This 1970's era Kenney Burger still has its original interior, trashcans and outdoor sign minus the neon. And yes, they still serve the famous Kenney Burgers here. The W&L students and the VMI cadets call them sauce burgers and as they will tell you the sauce burgers here are not just good, they can be downright addictive. The GPS had a little trouble finding this place because it is a bit hidden. When your GPS says you have arrived @ your destination just continue up the hill and the Kenney Burger is @ the top. Skip the "Golden Arches" and give these tasty burgers a try. Enjoy!

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