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Pete's Hotdogs - Birmingham, AL

Updated: Apr 1

1925 Second Avenue North

Birmingham AL

(205) 252-2905

If Pete’s didn’t have its vintage neon sign out in front of the place it would be very hard to spot. The building is literally a hole in the wall. There are no seats just a small counter space near the back were you stand and eat. Inside the front screen door you will see empty Coca-Cola crates stacked up against the wall and stainless steel everywhere. Not counting the two behind the counter, five people is a crowd in Pete’s literally. Pete’s grills their dogs and the buns are steamed in a steam box. The dogs are pork and beef, Zeigler Skinless Brand. A regular dog comes with mustard, onions, kraut and sauce. A special dog is topped with ground beef like chili, mustard, onions and sauce. I had one of each and a cold glass bottle coke. The dogs were a bit messy, but they were both very good.


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