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Piggy Park Drive-In, Columbia, SC

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

1600 Charleston Highway West Columbia SC (803) 791-5887

You could easily place the towering 100-ft. high flashing Little Joe Pig sign and the Piggy Park drive-in below it on the "Old" Vegas strip alongside the Sands or the Dunes. But, the mustard sauced pork and the hash & rice served at the Piggy Park are unmistakably South Carolinian. This location opened in 1953. They only cook fresh pork hams. The hams are pit-cooked for 24 hours over hickory coals. No fillers, preservatives or chemicals of any kind are used. I had the pulled pork platter with slaw, hushpuppies and hash & rice. The pulled pork was excellent! It was very tender and juicy. The slaw was mostly white cabbage with some green and it had a few carrot specks and spices. The slaw was not as sweet as I normally prefer it to be, but it was still very good. My hushpuppies had a nice light fried taste. My hash and rice side was also excellent. The mustard-based sauce was outstanding! I love the stuff, others may not, but I do. Apple cider, vinegar, mustard, Louisiana peppers, tomato paste, white pepper, brown sugar, paprika and molasses are just some of the ingredients of the sauce. They still have the covered car slots outside, but I don’t think that the curb service is in use anymore. Enjoy! Note: Please Google Maurice Bessinger before you visit his Q park. If you are informed beforehand about his Confederate views, you can’t say that I didn’t warn you.

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