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Schuler's Bakery, Springfield, Ohio

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

457 E Main St Springfield, OH 45503 (937) 323-4909    

Hours: Sun-Thurs 6am-9pm & Fri-Sat 6am-10pm

Since 1937, Schuler's Bakery, a third generation family owned and operated bakery, has been making some of the best donuts and pastries in our galaxy. Their top five best sellers are; the chocolate crème Bismark, fried cinnamon donut, the chocolate Bismark and their famous whole wheat donut. They also sell pies, cookies, cakes (regular & wedding) noodles, buns and dinner rolls; after all they are a bakery. Two of their newest additions are an apple spice cake and an extra large glazed cinnamon roll. I had a crème filled-crème iced donut and a crème iced-lemon filled donut. Both were outstanding! At Schuler's everything is hand-made fresh-daily from scratch with no preservatives. Enjoy!

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