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Shorty's Bar-B-Q - Miami, Florida

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

9200 S Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33156

(305) 670-7732

Mon-Thu 11 am - 10 pm Fri-Sat 11 am - 11 pm

Right on US 1, in south Miami, (the safer part of the city for travelers) you can literally follow the sweet smell of hickory smoke right to Shorty's BBQ. Inside you will find a roadhouse atmosphere with common table seating and counter seats along the window. Shorty's hickory smokes their Boston Butts. My sliced Q plate had slaw, fries, garlic bread and a generous helping of some excellent un-sauced tender sliced pork. Their sweet and spicy Q sauce makes the pork even better and the sweet slaw consisting of mostly white cabbage and dill seeds was superb. My added side of baked beans along with sweet tea with a slice of lime rounded out a really great meal. There are rolls of paper towels everywhere and they even have finger bowls/cups with hot water to clean up with. Shorty's has been a fixture in south Miami since 1951. A fire in 1972 burned down the original building but the present Shorty's, rebuilt on the same spot two years after the fire is almost identical to the original. Enjoy!

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