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Sprayberry's Barbecue, Newnan, Georgia

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

229 Jackson Street (770) 253-4421

Sprayberry’s does have a second location in Newnan Georgia off I-85, but I recommend and prefer the original one on Jackson Street in Newnan. Sprayberry’s BBQ is a family owned and operated Q house. The original location on Jackson St. has been there since 1926. Sprayberry’s is simply a great Southern small-town Q house. Everyone that comes through the door knows one or more of their fellow diners. They are like a large family having diner together. The service here is excellent and very friendly. I ordered the pork plate and sweet tea. As I was adding a side of slaw, the waitress told me that their slaw is unique and it’s not what most people think of when they think coleslaw, so she gave me a small bowl to try. The pork plate came with a mound of pork covered with sauce, huge sweet pickles, a generous helping of Brunswick stew, and a hot cup of extra sauce. You also get three slices of white bread to use for dipping. The bread is a Southern thing. The barbecue pork was very good on its own, but the sweet sauce made it even better. The sauce was a thin tomato and vinegar based one. It was excellent! The Brunswick stew was very tasty and my tea was very good. The coleslaw was white stringy cabbage. The slaw had an almost sweet pickle like taste to it along with a kick of vinegar and what looked like specks of pickle seasoning mixed in. It had a very interesting taste to it.

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