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Sweatman's Bar-b-que, Holly Hill, South Carolina

1313 Gemini Dr Holly Hill, SC 29059    

(803) 492-7543

A shaded homestead situated between two cornfields with a white sand parking lot is home to Sweatman's BBQ. Hams, Shoulders & Boston Butts don't make the cut here. Sweatman's is one of only a few places left in America that still pit-cooks the whole, split  down the middle, hog. Sweatman's whole hogs are pit-cooked over oak & hickory coals. It takes three truck-loads of wood each week to produce enough coals for the Friday cook. Sweatman's hand splits all of its own wood. The meat is basted with a mustard & vinegar sauce while it's cooking in the pit. Sweatman's pork is pulled first and then chopped. I got the BBQ buffet. You pay first and then you can have at it. The buffet has white meat, dark meat, rice, hash, ribs, slaw, sweet tea, dill pickles, sauce and white bread. There are two sauces; one is a sweet ketchup & mustard sauce and the other is a mustard & vinegar one. Both sauces are outstanding. The heavenly chopped pork (white & dark) was very tender and juicy. It's some of the best Q I have ever had. My slaw, consisting of green and white cabbage with numerous carrot shards was outstanding. Their hash & rice combo was awesome, it easily warranted a second, third and fourth helping. The preparation time Sweatman's needs for their amazing pit-cooked Q feast is very labor intensive and that's why they are only open on Friday & Saturday. 

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