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The Barbeque Exchange, Gordonsville, Virginia

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

102 Martinsburg Ave Gordonsville, VA 22942 (540) 832-0227

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Where in Virginia can you find barbeque so amazing that just a whiff of the sweet hickory smoke rolling out of the custom made wood burning cooker (out in back near the railroad tracks) can literally stop a train in its tracks? The Barbeque Exchange in Gordonsville is where. Currently 3 to 4 trains a week stop behind the Barbeque Exchange to pick up their pre-ordered Q. The Barbeque Exchange opened on February 16th 2010. The Exchange's pork shoulders (Smithfield) are dry-cured with secret ingredient rubs and are then slow-cooked for 12 to 16 hours over hardwood charcoal and green hickory logs that are burned down to the coals. Everything @ the Exchange, except the ketchup, is made fresh daily in-house. I got the pulled pork plate with slaw, baked beans and an excellent pumpkin muffin. The slaw, consisting of green and white cabbage, a few carrot shards, green onions and scallions, was very good. The baked beans (Great Northern) were also very good. The pulled pork was masterfully cooked and was simply outstanding! The pulled pork also pairs nicely with the Soo-eet sweet Q sauce. Inside, the setup is cafeteria style. Enjoy!

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