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The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo,Texas

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

7701 East I-40 Amarillo, Texas  79118 Main (800) 657-7177 Lat: N 35°, 11min, 36.40sec Lon: W 101°, 45min, 18.41sec

Just seeing the Big Texan Steak Ranch is an experience in itself. You can add to that experience by getting a limo ride to and from the Big Texan. You can be treated to this service if you stay at any motel along Interstate 40. These aren’t any ordinary limos either; the Big Texan limos are long white Cadillac’s with Texas cattle longhorns for the hood ornament. Like the limos, The Big Texan is far from ordinary. As soon as you enter the main dining hall you will see an array of trophies hanging from the upstairs banisters. From deer heads (many points) to moose heads to antelope heads to buffalo heads to bear heads to longhorn cattle horns to mountain goat heads and to the familiar longhorn cattle skull and horns. Basically, the dining hall would give an animal rights activist a heart attack. The dining room also has five wagon wheel chandeliers. I love this place. All the servers have on western clothes, boots, and cowboy hats. I think this is a good introduction to the Big Texan, so let’s get to the food. Amarillo Texas is the beef capitol of the world. You have come to an incredible steakhouse, so don’t order the fish, order the steak! They have Prime Rib 10oz & 16oz. Top Sirloin 8,12,21oz. The Big Texan Strip, The T-bone, The Ribeye12, 18,24,36oz. And if you are really hungry, You can get the 72oz Steak for free, yes free. Provided that you finish it in one hour. Along with a shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, and a roll with butter. While you are selecting your steak, you may want an appetizer. Two of their specialties are Mountain Oysters and Genuine Diamondback fried Rattlesnake. The Diamondbacks come out of hibernation around March and are in "season" till about June or July. I was there in September and they were out. Its probably best if you find out about the Mountain Oysters on your own. How you use that culinary knowledge is up to you. I don’t want to spoil any opportunities you may have for those who don’t know about them. Oh, by the way, the 72oz steak is $72.00 and you must pay up-front before taking the challenge. I had the Top Sirloin 8oz prime center cut steak. My sides were mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The slaw and the potatoes were excellent! And the steak was incredible. It was tender and perfectly cooked. And its own juices made for the perfect sauce. You also get a salad, and it is served on a frying pan. The rolls come the same way, and there is real butter in the bucket at the table. The salad was also excellent. After you finish every-thing, you can take a shot at eating the jalapeno pepper with a Texas flag stabbed into it, Unless you ate that first. Every meal needs a great end, so I went for the strawberry topped cheesecake. It was incredible, Good rich flavor. I just can not say enough about the Big Texan. I love everything about it. The atmosphere is incredible and the food is incredible. Now its your turn to be Wowed, and have one of the best meals of your life. Go and enjoy!

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