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The Cavalier, Lynchburg, Virginia

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The Cavalier is not a dive, it's not a pool hall (with only one underutilized table) and it's too big to be a hole in the wall. It is more like a local neighborhood bar that's known for it's amazing burgers, fries and according to the manager "One of the best Rubens you will ever have". One of the benefits of the bar (besides the obvious) is that you can get a Dr. Pepper in a frosted, ice-cold, heavy glass mug. That is old-school cool (pun intended). The seasoned fries (you can get them without seasoning as well) with Ranch dip were great and my burger with k,o,p,t and mustard was a wonderful mess! The place hardly ever closes, and because everything runs on gas, they will still be open when the power goes out because of a storm, snow or ice. The Cavalier (1958) is locally owned and operated and only takes cash. Enjoy!

2920 Rivermont Ave.

Lynchburg, VA 24503

(434) 845-3837

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