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The Keg's Drive-In, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Updated: Mar 28

901 N 5TH St  Grand Forks, ND 58203

In the 1930s, there were seven Keg Drive-Ins, all of them part of a local area chain. This neighborhood Keg's Drive-In, originally a walk-up stand, is the last of the original seven, which first opened in 1935. The entire business operated out of a single keg building (the one on the right). The left keg is also one of the original seven; after having its location closed it moved here. The two combined Kegs became the present Keg's Drive-In. All of the Servus-Fone menus work and they still have carhop service. The Keg's specials are their sloppy joe's, onion rings and of course their root beer. Everything here is made fresh to order. I had a sloppy joe, rings and a root beer. I added pickles and onions to my very messy, but excellent joe. The rings were superb and they taste even better with some salt. And my frosty cold root beer was truly outstanding! The Keg's Drive-In uses 1919 brand draft root beer. Enjoy!

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