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The Roast Grill, Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated: Mar 28

7 South West Street Raleigh, NC 27603-1849 (919) 832-8292    

The Roast Grill has been tucked away on a side street in Raleigh since 1940. In a state known for barbecue, hot dog stands usually don't get top billing, this one should. The atmosphere of the place is great. The inside is retro 1940`s, and all they sell is hotdogs and pop. The hotdogs are grill blackened southern style weiners. They are topped with mustard, chili, onions, and slaw. They do not have ketchup, relish, mayo or cheese and they don't sell fries. The two dogs I had were very good. The Cokes are in glass bottles and cash is king. This place is definitely worth a return visit. Enjoy!

Char-Grill, Raleigh, NC

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