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The Wienery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

414 Cedar Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55467

(612) 333-5798  

As we neared our destination we began to realize that the surrounding neighborhood had suddenly become very creepy and somewhat scary. Unsure if we really wanted to leave the safety of the car and actually get out, with hunger as a motivator, we said goodbye to the car, turned the corner and proceeded the remaining few feet to the door of the Wienery. The Wienery is a dive and like the surrounding "Little Mogadishu" neighborhood it's filthy and disgusting but, that just lends to the Wienery's overall charm. Once inside, the owner makes you feel right at home and much safer. It's mostly counter seating with a few tables. They give you a small cup for self-serve water, Coke, etc. Your hotdog choices are; Vienna Beef, Vienna Beef Polish, Smoked Bratwurst and spicy Italian sausage. They also have home-made Italian roast beef. The hotdogs here do have casings. The skin-on dogs are boiled in water and all of the others are fried. Their excellent fries are freshly hand-cut to order, they are parboiled in water and then fried. The poppy-seed buns are heated on the top of the pot while the potatoes are parboiled. I opted for the Vienna Beef hotdog for both my excellent Manhattan & Cleveland dogs. The Vienna Beef hotdogs, poppy-seed buns, peppers, Giardiniera, polish sausages and pickles are all from Chicago.

The Wienery is open 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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