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Trowbridge's, Florence, Alabama

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

316 North Court Street

Florence, AL 35630-4738

(256) 764-1503

Lighting up the night of downtown Florence, Trowbridge's (since 1918) is a southern version of Edward Hopper's classic diner scene from Nighthawks. The family-owned and-operated lunch counter is furnished with mint green 1940's era booths, chairs, stools and a mint green and white checkerboard floor. Everything they make is home-made. The most popular menu item is their chicken salad sandwich followed by their hot dog with chili. The photo shows their entire menu. Their popular pimento cheese can also be found at all of the local Foodland grocery stores. Vanilla is their most popular flavor followed by orange pineapple. I had a vanilla shake and it was excellent. Interestingly, they no longer stock mint chocolate chip ice cream it just never sold that well. Trowbridge's is open Monday-Saturday from 9:00am-5:30pm. They are closed on Sunday. Oh, and if you see him, say hi to the resident Confederate soldier's ghost that calls Trowbridge's home. Enjoy!

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