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Whitt's Barbecue - Athens, AL

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

1397 E Elm St

Athens, AL 35611


The blue & yellow themed Whitt's Barbecue locations that dot the map around Nashville and middle Tennessee are a familiar sight to locals who enjoy great Q. But, it's the brown and white themed Whitt's Barbecue in Athens, Alabama where it all started. This, the original location, opened on Labor Day in 1966. Whitt's is family owned and operated. Whitt's pit cooks mostly picnic shoulders (depending on the market price) over hickory that's burned down to the coals. I had their pork sandwich topped with slaw, a side of baked beans, potato salad and some very good sweet tea. The slaw and potato salad were excellent, baked beans were superb and my Q and slaw sandwich, without sauce, was truly outstanding. This is easily one of America's best Q houses. Enjoy!

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