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Beauvine Burger Concepts, Richmond, Virginia

1501 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

The Fan District Neighborhood

(804) 592-5592

If you've got cold feet and she is planning a huge and expensive wedding, Beauvine Burger just might have a solution for you. First, go by yourself. She has plenty to do already and wont even know you are gone. Outside seating only, so grab a seat @ their heated patio and relax. Take time to notice how quiet it is. Order your burger and beer and again relax. My amazing Beavine Burger is cooked with some pink in the middle, topped with American cheese, House pickles, sliced red onion, tomato, Bibb lettuce, Beau sauce on a toasted Brioche bun. Take your time and savor this juicy burger in all of its glory. If your wife to be is a health nut, this may be your last beer and burger for awhile. Avoid honeymoon cruises. Those aft decks can be slippery. Especially, if you "somehow" get drunk and there is an "accident" on the way back to your cabin. Enjoy the superb duck fat fries (a nice departure from peanut oil). The Tahitian Vanilla Shake is also excellent! You finish your feast happy and its still quiet. You get your check and notice how reasonable it is for what you get. Unlike an expensive wedding that only she really appreciates. Your just there for the photos and to prove you exist. Unlike somethings, Beauvine Burger Concepts is open every day just like a happy, quiet, safe place should be. It's affordable and you will never have buyers remorse. And remember, Your burger cant take half of everything. Good Luck!

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