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Bib's Downtown BBQ, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

675 W. 5th Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Located at the corner of 5th Street and Spring Street 

(336) 722-0007  

* Yelpers report this location has closed!

What was once a Firestone is now Bib's BBQ. Bib's thankfully kept the retro 1960's building intact, so not only does Winston-Salem's downtown get to keep an architectural link to its past, it also gains a great Q house. Upon entering, you order and pay first @ the register. They give you a number on a stick to place @ your table and they bring your order out to you. The service was very speedy. I had the pulled pork plate. It comes with either red or white slaw, three puppies and one side. I chose the baked beans and the red slaw. The tea and other drinks are serve-yourself, but they do come around to the tables to refill the tea. My pulled pork plate actually came with a pulled pork sandwich topped with slaw rather than the normal side of slaw, meat and no bun. My sandwich was very good. It was even better with the warmed (regular) sauce. The baked beans (black, pinto & two types of kidney beans) were very good, but they did have a spicy (very hot) kick to them. A little added sauce will cut some of the heat. My sweet slaw and the vinegar/tomato/spice based sauce were both very good as were the puppies. Bib's uses pork shoulders that are smoked. Bib's opened in downtown Winston-Salem in December of 2008. Their hours are Monday-Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm and they do take Visa. Enjoy! 

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