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Branch's Bar-B-Q, Mount Olive, North Carolina

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

713 Red Hill Rd.

Mt Olive, NC 28365

As you pass by the cornfields, wheat fields and appropriately enough, hog farms, you will eventually arrive in the middle of nowhere and then you are there, @ Branch's BBQ that is. It is really worth hunting for but I strongly suggest you have a GPS to guide you. Branch's, since 1962, cooks the whole hog over a mix of split oak and hickory that's burned down to the coals. Inside, you will find the "spacious" dining area that seats 6. I had an excellent slaw-topped chopped pork sandwich with several perfectly brewed cups of sweet iced tea served from a large glass Mt. Olive pickle jar. For dessert I had a great home-made piece of sweet potato cake. Branch's also has baked chicken and fresh pork rinds. Everything @ Branch's is made fresh. They are only open on Friday & Saturday from 10:30 am until they sell-out, so get there early, Enjoy!

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