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Dairy Center Mt. Airy, NC

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

407 W Lebanon St Mt Airy, NC 27030 (336) 786-2349

I wasn’t exactly looking for it, I just happened upon it. Family run, great neon and a non- chain off the beaten path, perfect! A place that has been around for a while (1954) has to have great food, otherwise it never would have made it. It also must have a great owner to preserve the nostalgia of the place and to keep it from being bulldozed. So, yes, the DC does have great food. My two slaw dogs with chili, onions, mustard, and nuclear red hotdogs were both excellent. Yeh, and a very good milkshake as well. Enjoy!

*Onion Original Photo!

Summer 2020 Photo!

Summer 2020 Photo!

Summer 2020 Photo!

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