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Frost Cafe, Culpeper, VA

Updated: Sep 16

101 E Davis St

Culpeper, VA  22701 540-829-0344

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In 1928 the Gayheart Drugstore opened on a prominent corner in downtown Culpeper. Along with the drugstore, the Gayheart also had a soda fountain and a lunch counter. Today, the Gayheart Drugstore no longer exists, but luckily the soda fountain and the lunch counter still do. The now one hundred-year-old building that was once Gayheart Drug is now the Frost Café. The outside neon sign, the interior pressed metal ceiling and the classic ceramic tile floors are all incredibly original. The Frost also has an impressively long Formica topped counter that runs most of the length of the café. 21 original swivel stools with backs and footrests line the entire length of the counter. Behind the impressive counter is a wall of brilliantly glowing diamond patterned stainless steel. The soda fountain, the grill and the hood are also of flawless stainless, as are the metal mixer cups for the milkshakes. The Frost uses Monticello Dairy ice cream to make their milkshakes. My vanilla milkshake was ex-cellent! The Frost Café also serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and homemade desserts. Happy eating and Happy New Year!

Note: The breakfast menu is orderable at any time of the day. I had three pancakes, two eggs scrambled, home fries, sausage and a glass of ice-cold milk. It was excellent! This is real comfort food. Thanks Frost Café for an excellent return visit!


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