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Fuzzy`s Pit-Cooked BBQ, Madison, NC

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

111 West Murphy Street

Madison, NC 27025

(336) 427-4130

I frequently travel 220 south to connect with I-40. I know I have driven by Madison many times. I have even stopped for gas there. But, what I didn’t know until recently was that Madison has a barbeque place that rivals the best in the state. Fuzzy`s Pit-Cooked BBQ has been in Madison North Carolina since 1954. When I first got to Fuzzy`s the lot was packed full. The only spot open was on the curbside service part of the building. I have never seen a BBQ place before that had curbside service. My first experience with it was great. I didn’t even have to honk the horn. Within seconds, someone was there at my car to take my order. I ordered a BBQ sandwich with slaw. And I also had a side of baked beans, a side of slaw, and a sweet iced tea. The beans were good. The tea was good. The BBQ sandwich was incredible! The combination of the real Pit-Cooked BBQ, the slaw, and the sweet sauce make this BBQ sandwich, a heavenly treat with incredible flavor. Equally impressive was my side of slaw that was white with green specks. The slaw had a great sweet taste that was the perfect compliment to the BBQ sandwich. Previously, I had to drive miles out of my way for great Q. Now I stop at Fuzzy`s.

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